Willie Nelson Releases Song List For Beto O’Rourke Rally


AUSTIN – Music legend Willie Nelson has never performed a free concert in support of a political candidate. Until now. He’s chosen to break his streak with a concert in support of socialist Texas senate candidate, Beto O’Rourke. O’Rourke will face Senator Ted Cruz in November’s midterm election.

Nelson has performed at fundraisers for past political candidates like Wendy Davis and Dennis Kucinich, but this one will be free and open to the public. Willie will perform for all who come out to Lady Bird Lake and sit amongst the “grass” and “weeds” on Auditorium Shores later this month.

The country icon has released the set list for his Beto concert:

Beto and Lefty
Whiskey O’River
Free Stuff On My Mind
Irish Ale For My Horses
Blue States Cryin’ In the Rain
On the Road Again (After My DWI)
Good Time Commie’s Got the Blues
To All the Yard Signs I’ve Placed Before
Help Me Make It Through Election Night
Mama’s Don’t Let Your Beto’s Grow Up to Be Conservatives
Luckenbought, Texas (Back to the Basics of Out-of-State Money)
A Whiter Shade of Brown (Ode to an Irishman’s Cultural Appropriation of Hispanics)



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4 Thoughts to “Willie Nelson Releases Song List For Beto O’Rourke Rally

  1. What the hell kind of name is “Beto”??? And you’re telling me TEXANS are putting up with this guy? Really??? Eric…you should be ashamed to be from the Lone Star State!!!

    1. E. Williams

      Actually, it’s just the media perception that’s driving him. Uncle Ted will still be our senator after November. But if you lived here, you’d think he was going to win 90%-10. His campaign has spent tons of money on yard signs – and you see them everywhere. Cruz campaign say their research shows that yard signs do little to affect voter preference, so they’re choosing to spend money in other ways. This Beto punk is just a trust fund socialist but, like with Wendy Davis, their goal is not for him to actually win, but to move Texas from red to purple, incrementally.

      1. We’ve got the same thing here with Kyrsten Sinema running for Senate against Martha McSally. Sinema is a bi-sexual socialist, and you’d think she was Mother Theresa by her ads!

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