With Mask Shortage, AOC Confused Over Why No Run On Masking Tape


WASHINGTON – As she made margaritas in her swanky apartment, Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wondered aloud about many things to her Instagram audience. Each one more stupid than the previous one. Finally, she got to a subject that she said has puzzled her throughout the current coronavirus pandemic.

“Like, people are going nuts over toilet paper. I get that. Makes perfect sense to me. But, like, why has there not been a run on masking tape?” AOC asked. “We have a national mask shortage. People are starting to make their own homemade masks. But you can’t make homemade masks without masking tape. Right?”

AOC showed off her homemade mask. She said that covering her mouth already cuts her risk of infection by 50%.

“I mean, a mask won’t stay together without it. You don’t want to use glue in making your own mask, cause, like, you’d be breathing in those fumes. It just seems like there would be people waiting in line to buy masking tape. But I haven’t seen a word about it on the news. It’s very weird and I don’t understand.”

As a former bartender, she then speculated as to whether bartenders may already be immune to the virus. “Also, there’s this. Those of us in the bar industry have been around and handled Corona’s for, like, years, in some cases. I’ve never been affected by it. Neither have any of my other bartender friends. I think the scientists should look into that.”


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