Woke NFL: Players Should Raise Closed Fist When Scoring If They Want Points To Count

closed fist

NEW YORK – In a further effort to show they’ve cowed to the demands of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, the NFL has suggested any player scoring a touchdown should raise a closed fist when crossing the goal line – IF they want the points to count for their team.

A raised, closed fist is the accepted symbol of black power, the resistance, and wokeness. In addition to playing the Black national anthem before the first game, NFL officials want to remind fans that they can’t truly enjoy a football game unless they constantly have race on their minds.

Any player who fails to raise a closed fist while crossing the goal line, fails to show solidarity with the BLM movement. This action will result in the forfeiture of points he would’ve scored, since he obviously doesn’t care about race equality in America.

A player exhibiting proper form according to BLM guidelines

Not only that, but not raising a fist shows that the offending player is not concerned about whether Colin Kaepernick ever becomes a quarterback in the NFL again. And, of course, all football fans know that police brutality will never end until that happens.

Yes, the new rule will result in an increase in fumbles for every team, with players sacrificing ball control by having to salute BLM. Still, league commissioner Roger Goodell says it’s a small price to pay to show fans how woke they are.

Goodell also said that half-raised closed fists or fingers pointing skyward are not acceptable to the BLM warlords.

Team owners are expected to vote on the possible rule change later this month.


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