Yearbook: Ralph Northam Voted Most Likely To Resign In Disgrace

VIRGINIA – Although he’s denying it at the moment, the clock is ticking down to when the state’s governor will have to resign. Ralph Northam (Dem/Socialist – VA), is embroiled in a race/abortion controversy, going back to his med-school days in 1984.

The governor first made headlines for saying babies could be aborted after birth. If they aren’t allowed to abort them, Ralph says they should at least be able to paint the newborns’ faces with blackface, then shove the babies back into the mother. You know, out of sight out of mind.

He’s on a roll!

Next, evidence of Northam’s yearbook from college surfaced, showing the governor in a racist photo. Inside the back cover of the yearbook, Northam is described as “Most Likely to Resign in Disgrace” of all those in his class.

How right that person was. At the moment, Ralph is enjoying that period a coach experiences after his team owner expresses the utmost confidence in him – before he’s canned days later.

Northam has even lost the support of some Democrats. These are people who normally give those on the left a pass for past transgressions, no matter how bad they may have been. Today, even crazy Rob Reiner called for his resignation.

When you’re a progressive and you’ve lost Meat Head, you’re done.


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