Young Boy Disses Obama on Last Night, Shouting “Screw Our President!” on Live TV


WASHINGTON – As if President Obama didn’t feel lousy enough having to give up the presidency on Friday, a little racist white boy poured lighter fluid on Barack’s emotions by shouting “Screw our President!” while being interviewed on live TV.

The interview took place at a protest for people who don’t know how to handle their emotions after November’s election. The little punk said he had just started a fire in the street “because he felt like it.” Obviously, his folks must have won the Parent of the Year award at whatever school he attends.


The reaction was such a sad display of disrespect to Obama on his last night in office, essentially kicking the president when he’s down. The boy was white, so saying something so offensive about Mr. Barack tells us what a little racist he is.

Some in the crowd nearby tried to suggest the boy was saying “screw our president” to Donald Trump, but Mr. Trump is not the president tonight. In all honesty though, this butthead, and likely future Democrat, didn’t even know why he was at the protest.

Enjoy your time in jail in a few years, little buddy! And don’t hold your breath for a President Trump pardon either.


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2 Thoughts to “Young Boy Disses Obama on Last Night, Shouting “Screw Our President!” on Live TV

  1. allison

    His parents will be visiting him in jail someday for allowing him to behave this way. Then they will wonder why.

  2. Greg

    Lets make sure the media exposes this kid like they did with the “Clock Maker” We need to know his name where he lives who his parents are! This shithead will have every aspect of his life on national TV, the clip will keep him out of any kind of real job, and any decent school!!
    He should have his ass beat!! And FYI little snowflake, It’s President Donald J Trump!!!!!

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